【YouTube】Music Video for GALACTICO (feat. SPHERE of INFLUENCE) UPLOADED!!!

N.O.B a.k.a. COCOSPIN released the latest music video for his brand new song, GALACTICOfeaturing a well-known Japanese-English bilingual rapper, SPHERE of INFLUENCE. They transmit “波動 (hadou, an energy ball)” to each listener, giving positive message.

COCOSPIN is now working on creating his second album entitled “one道感do (one do can do)” to break 9 years of silence. Inspired from all the things that moved him through his life. He named his own label and album using two Japanese characters “道 (doh, street/way/soul)” and “感 (can, feeling/touching/inspiring)” in the titles.

Hope you will enjoy this brand new video and spread this energy ball to all over the world!!!

YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/Yw_qaxxZMys 

Directed by: COCOSPIN
Videographed by: Kenji Morita
Dancers: Fuse, kenjisnaker, REIKO and kids’ dancers

Also if you are interested in listening more of COCOSPIN’s songs. It is available on iTunes and amazon etc.

01  One Do Can Do
02  FLOWER (feat. Maya Hatch)
03  OK
04  SPARK (feat. DAG FORCE)
06  Shikikouyou

Click the image ↓


Click the image ↓



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